Best Thermal Spas in Tuscany

Tuscany is rich in thermal baths- it's the Italian region with the highest number of natural hot springs, and they have been enjoyed since Etruscan times and probably earlier. There is little more pleasant and relaxing than sitting in a tub of hot spring water, and the option of a massage only makes it more attractive.

Here's our list of Thermal Baths worth visiting in Tuscany - these are all hotels or generally places where you have a pay an entrance fee. There are also hot baths which you can visit for free, I'll make a separate list of these - or maybe add it to the Places you can go wild swimming in Tuscany page.

Terme Tettuccio di Montecatini

These famous baths are ideally placed between Pisa, Lucca and Florence, making them easy to visit from many villas. They are unusual because the thermal waters are also excellent to drink for health purposes - people come here to bathe but also simply for a glass of the restorative waters.

Terme di Montecatini Website

Terme di Montecatini on Google Maps

Terme Tettuccio di Montecatini Terme

Grotta Giusti

Very close to Montecatini Terme you'll find the Grotta Giusti thermal baths, built around the natural caves where the hot springs come to the surface. A magical setting and a full complement of services like massages and beauty treatments make this a popular place.

Grotta Giusti Website

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IHC Grotta Giusti Spa: Floating in the Thermal Grotto

Where to stay near Montecatini Terme and Monsummano

We have some villas set very close to both these Thermal Baths - for example Villa Alessandro, sleeps 8 to 11, or the larger Villa Falesia with space for 14 to 19 guests.

Villa Alessandro is set just above Montecatini Terme, perfectly placed to visit the hot baths.

Terme di Chianciano

Further south, in the province of Siena, you'll find the Terme di Chianciano, whose hot springs were already known and renowned by the Etruscans and Romans. Today they offer mud baths, a sensory spa and more.

Terme di Chianciano website

Terme di Chianciano on Google Maps

Where to stay near Chianciano

A little further south, about 15 minutes drive away, we have two villas with amazing views of Mont'Amiata and of the Val d'Orcia landscape: Casa del Pastore and Valdorcia, both Tuscan villas with space for 8 guests and with private pools.

Terme di Saturnia

These hot thermal waters are perhaps better known for the free section, the "Cascate del Molino", an impressive series of natural baths cascading down a slope below an old mill. But the formal baths, just 2 km away, are well worth a visit, with body scrubs, mud baths and even - for the more energetic - a golf course.

Terme di Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia website

Terme di Saturnia on Google Maps

Cascate del Mulino on Google Maps

Cascate del Mulino
Cascate del Mulino, the natural hot baths in Saturnia. Image by Raimond Spekking

Bagno Vignoni

The setting here is amazing - an enormous medieval tank of water in the place normally occupied by a village square. Visit in the morning and you'll see steam rising off the water, roiling in front of the beautiful buildings that surround the square. Andrej Tarkovskji used the square as the centrepiece for his film Nostalghia, a romantic story of Russian Poetry in a Tuscan setting.

Sadly you can't bathe in the medieval tank, but you can stay in the Albergo Posta Marcucci, a modern thermal spa a few steps away.

Albergo Posta Marcucci website

Bagno Vignoni on Google Maps

The medieval water pool in Bagno Vignoni - image by Costaetrusca, CC BY-SA 4.0 on Wikimedia Commons

Rapolano Terme

The Antica Querciolaia thermal baths in Rapolano Terme, in the rolling hills south of Siena, are the hottest in Tuscany, at 39º. Set in buildings made of local Travertino stone, they also offer mud baths, cosmetic treatments and delicious meals.

Antica Querciolaia Website

Rapolano Terme on Google Maps

Antica Querciolaia in Rapolano Terme

Where to stay near Rapolano Terme

Twenty minutes drive away, Villa Rapale is a beautiful villa with a private Tennis court, gym and swimming pool. Sleeps 10.

Villa Rapale.

Villa Rapale, villa for 10 with private pool, gym and tennis court

San Casciano dei Bagni

Lastly, San Casciano - a small town but with 42 hot springs! We have a whole page on this charming town:

San Casciano dei Bagni

There are a number of other hot springs, some free and some with thermal baths attached - we will add to this list over time!

Where to stay near San Casciano dei Bagni

We heartily recommend Villa Bosco, for 14 guests. It has a pool, a cooking class room, a pizza party room and plenty of outdoor space. It's also within walking distance of the town, so a perfect position for hot spring lovers.

Villa Bosco is close to San Casciano and sleeps 14