Villa Ascarello 11

An elegant villa with an enchanting view of Siena : Siena

This house is sadly no longer available

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Driving up along the quiet lane approaching Villa Ascarello, past vineyards and olive trees, it is hard to believe how very close this prestigious villa is to Siena, and yet, when you arrive, drive through the gateway flanked by two palm trees, and step out onto the broad terrace at the side of the villa, there is Siena across the valley - you can almost reach out and touch its evocative silhouettes!

In an airy position on the edge of Chianti countryside and with possibly the best view of Siena, Villa Ascarello is a large, elegant villa in ample grounds, including a pretty, walled, rose garden. It has a wide terrace overlooking Siena, with a well and a private chapel. Built in the 16th Century, the villa has been carefully and totally renovated, and provides an high class accommodation.