Why Choose us to Book your Holiday Villa?

Why Choose us to Book your Holiday Villa?

Because we're small and we care

We like what we do, which is essentially to find and visit houses we think would be good to stay in. Mainly owners send us houses and we select the ones we like. Then we visit, meet the owner and see the house. We try to eat in the local restaurant and if the house is close to a village we'll walk in to check what the walk is like. I like to sketch the house too, when I can (me being Dan Wrightson). It gives me a chance to sit down for 2 to 3 hours and observe the place closely, rather than dash in and out again.

We know the owners...

...and love having long-standing relationships with them and their houses. A good owner is worth his weight in gold. Our longest standing owner is probably Claudio and his house Ragnana - we first starting renting it via his father in the early 1980s and it's still going strong.

Dan drawing of La Ragnana
A sketch of La Ragnana in 1990, a rustic family villa for 8, by a village in Tuscany
A reunion with Claudio in 2022 after two long years of not seeing him, with our Danish sister agency PontiSofia

La Ragnana - sleeps 8

We know our clients...

We have high rate of return clients and we're very happy with that. We like to know you, discuss what you want and need from your holiday and make sure you get it. We see ourselves a little like matchmakers - you're looking for the perfect villa and we have met them all. Have a look through our reviews to find out what people are saying about us and about the properties we choose.

"We were so pleased with Dan and Invitation to Tuscany. He helped me to select the perfect villa for my vacation with my extended family, and the property was exactly as had been described on the website and in my communications with Dan. We felt much more comfortable using Invitation to Tuscany as opposed to AirBnb or a similar service. We will certainly keep them in mind for future vacations!" from JP and family, staying in Amorosa, August 2022

We sometimes say no...

A house that looks perfect on paper might not suit what you've described to us. However well we describe the houses and photograph them there are subtleties to location or facilities that can get lost. And that's where we help. A past client once told me they thought that saying no was our greatest asset - she'd rung with a clear idea of what the family wanted, and had chosen a house. We told her we thought it wouldn't suit them and had proposed a different villa - why do that with a sure sale? Because we care and we knew she and her family would not have had the holiday they wanted in their first choice.

Free concierge service

When you've booked with us we will help you organise anything you need. Whether it's just asking the owner if they can get you some groceries, booking a driver, a cook, helping organise courses and tours, once you've booked through us we help you make you holiday a success.

Choosing a villa for your holiday can be stressful, particularly when it's a large family group and the expectations have been laid on your shoulders. It's at times like this that it can be really useful to speak to somebody who has been to the area, knows the house, has met the owner and can help you find the house that will match your wish list - that's what we do.

Have a look at our guide for ideas or just ask us for advice!

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Some further notes on how we work:

Sipping a glass of Prosecco, relaxing in a Jacuzzi on your terrace in the hills high above the Tuscan coast, the world takes on a rosy glow. Even more so if you’re with your loved one and you’re their favourite person because you chose and organized this holiday. But how can you be sure that the glamorous shots on the website will match up with reality on the day? We think the best way is for us to go and check out the house and area for you beforehand. That’s why every one of our properties is hand-picked and personally visited by our staff to make sure that, if you tell your loved one the view is fantastic, you can be sure it is, and not of a local building site. If you tell them there’s a charming village that’s within walking distance, you can be sure there is – and we’ll even make sure you know which is the best restaurant and what to order in the bar to look like a local (I’d say Aperol Spritz or a Ferrari at the moment!).

I grew up in Tuscany and when I found my perfect partner I brought her here, to an apartment in my village with a terrace that looks west – the important detail to get those sunsets working for you. We know that there are moments in life when booking the right property is important; we can make sure you get your perfect spot. If you’d like a romantic cottage and pool, with a little hill village within walking distance, have a look at Casa Guelfi, featured in Conde Nast Traveler. For a little more isolation, with views to die for and a hot tub under the stars, try Argentone, high in the Tuscan Apennines. ! Looking for culture? We have some wonderful apartments in Lucca, the city of churches, while further south, at Pieve di Caminino, you can stay in an apartment carved out of a medieval church, and enjoy the view from a stone carved bifora window.

Later, when the little ones arrive, your priorities change; the Jacuzzi makes space for cots, stair-gates, then play-grounds, swimming pools and the all important proximity to a good ice-cream shop. We can help you check all these details as we visit every house and then go back regularly – if you ask us what the walk is like into the village there is every chance we will have walked it ourselves. If you want to know which is the best restaurant we will tell you our personal favourite, not Google’s!

Invitation to Tuscany has been running for over 40 years, visiting and selecting properties we find interesting and special, and then matching our clients to them, to make sure you get your best holiday. It’s all we do – we don’t make packages, we don’t do flights or courses – we just match you to a house you can fall in love with – or within.

So let us help you set the scene for your romantic getaway – and remember personal concierge service is included with all our bookings. Lastly, for those who are wondering, I married the woman I proposed to on the west facing, sunset drenched terrace and we’re still happily together.