Best local places to eat around Pisa, Tuscany

Marina di Pisa
Sitting on the beach in April at Marina di Pisa

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in and around Pisa, you might like to take the short drive to the coast, and eat al-fresco, facing the sea. The photo above was taken in April and it was already sunny and pleasant to be out!

In Marina di Pisa, try:

Osteria Marina Il Peschereccio

Via della Repubblica Pisana 62, 56128 ,Marina di Pisa



Via Litoranea, 18, 56128, Marina di Pisa

If you’re looking for somewhere in Pisa itself, try:

Trattoria la Tortuga

Via Lucchese, 33A, 56123 Pisa

or if you want somewhere closer to the Tower (keeping in mind that many of the closest restaurants are a bit touristy) this might be a perfect fit – a short walk away:

La Ghiotteria

Vicolo delle Donzelle 9-11, Pisa

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