Where is Pisa?

Pisa is a city in Tuscany, Italy and it is largely known for the famous leaning tower. The city is on the Tuscan coast, at the end of the river Arno that flows past Florence and ends here, in Pisa.

Getting to Pisa

Pisa is the main airport for Tuscany so is where many people will land when they visit Tuscany. The Airport is named in honour of Galileo Galilei, the famous Tuscan scientist. The Airport code is PSA and flights arrive here from all over the UK and Europe - but there are not many flights from the USA. At the moment you can get some flights from JFK direct for Pisa, but generally you will be flying to Milan or Rome then travelling to Tuscany from there.

From the UK there are daily flights with BA, EasyJet, Ryanair and others. Skyscanner can be a useful way to find out more about flights to Pisa.

You can also arrive by train – the train connects to:

  • Lucca in 30 minutes
  • Florence in under an hour
  • Siena in under 2 hours
  • Rome in around 3 hours

For useful train information have a look at Trenitalia

If you decide you'd like to drive down to Italy from the UK, we have a page of useful advice here: Driving down to Italy from the UK.