Yes, there are an increasing number of EV charging stations in Italy. It is planned that there will be more than 21,000 charging stations for electric vehicles operational on Italy's roads by 2026. Currently the number is more like 14,000 which is still plenty to allow you to generally find a charger within range.

How can I find an EV charging point in Italy?

Knowing where you'll find the next charging point is essential for keeping yourself sane when driving an EV - with many charging points in car parks, by supermarkets or just tucked away, it helps to know exactly where to head.

There are a number of websites which can help you find the next EV charger, here are some of the best.

  1. Plug share.
  2. Charge map.
  3. Place to Plug.
  4. Electromaps.
  5. Becharge.

These websites also have apps for ease of use on the phone - just go to the website itself or search on the app store to find them.

How to charge an electric car in Italy

In order to use a EV charger you will usually need to log-in using a network RFID card, a key-fob or an App, some of which need to be pre-loaded with funds.

Thankfully, there are aggregators who can provide an RFID card that works on several different networks, reducing the number of cards or apps you need to obtain - many of these are also the best map providers as they pull data from the various providers.

How do I pay for EV charging in Italy?

You will need to register with an app or service that allows you to charge your card when charging.

little italian cars
Photo by Arthur Yeti on Unsplash

Which apps are best for charging an EV in Italy?

Here is a brief list of some of the EV charging apps - I haven't used any of them so I have no first hand comments, but I have heard good things about the NextCharge network.


The Next Charge system works with an app on your phone or with an RFID card, and seems very clear about charges costs and timings.

Next Charge


ChargeMap also works via an app and an RFID card, and gives you access to the Tesla Supercharger network.

ENEL-X Juice Pass

ENEL-X is the state network and is building an 'electric-highway' of chargers. There is an App and it also comes in an English version, but requires an Italian numeric post-code before it will allow you to register.

The AA website proposes this neat workaround of entering a five-digit number to register and later changing it to a UK postcode.

Use 53031, the postcode for Casole d'Elsa, the best village in Italy (coincidentally also the village where I grew up).

The App links to a credit card or PayPal account and chargers are activated using a QR code.

Shell Recharge

This is the Shell App and I have no accounts of it, but it seems complete.

Are there Tesla superchargers in Italy?

There are Tesla Superchargers in Italy, though some are attached to luxury hotels. You can find them all here:

Map of Tesla Superchargers in Italy

How much does it cost to charge an EV in Italy?

According to Compare the Market, charging an EV in Italy typically costs approximately €0.141 per kWh. However, costs can vary a lot depending on speed of charging and location. The article below by Real Clear Science gives you a good overview.

How expensive is it to charge an EV in Europe

Can I drive to Italy and back with my EV?

Yes, we have clients who have done it and it is definitely becoming more common. We have plenty of notes on driving to Italy from the UK but no first-hand experience of driving an EV down, so perhaps the best thing to read is this account by Lizzie Wingfield in the Independent:

Italy and back in an electric car

Can I charge my EV at my Tuscan villa?

The easiest way to charge an EV is while at your home, so the ideal solution is to find a holiday villa that has an EV charger. Currently these are few and far between but there are some. We have also had some clients who charged their cars from the home grid, after ageement with the owners. There are also some houses in villages with EV chargers close by.

Villas with EV chargers

In Chianti, both Borgo Castello (for 6 to 20) and Podere Castello have an EV charger in the nearby castle.

Sketch of Borgo Castello
Sketch of Borgo Castello - the EV charger is up the hill, by the castle.

Villas with EV chargers nearby

Dan's House is in the village of Casole d'Elsa which has several EV chargers.

Castelonchio has a charger within about 5 minutes walk in the village of Tuoro.

Castelonchio is a villa for 6 with private pool close to Cortona. The EV charger is down the hill, about 5 minutes walk away.