Multi Gen Villas

Multi Gen Villas

Villas for three generations to get together

Multi-generational villa holidays

We are big fans of the multi-generational holiday, when three generations go away together for a family holiday in Europe. It's a great time to reconnect, enjoy some time together and give the grandparents some quality time with the little ones. And perhaps give the parents a little downtime too.

The main ingredients are obviously, enough bedrooms - you need plenty of accommodation for large groups , but also generous other spaces so that everybody is not on top of each other.

Family gatherings

Good communal spaces are needed too - a large kitchen dining room, or even an outside kitchen or barbecue, with a large table under a shaded pergola for al-fresco eating.

Village nearby

Having a restaurant or village nearby is a further advantage - it's great to be able to take the little ones off for an ice-cream without having to pile into the car. It's also nice to be walk to your evening meal and not worry about getting home if you had one glass too many. Of course, all these houses also come with the possibility of having catered meals, chefs, cooking courses and more - so there's plenty to do.