Italy is part of Southern Europe and is a long narrow country jutting out into the middle of the Mediterranean sea. A long and characteristic boot-like shape, it is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia in the north. The rest of the long peninsula is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, with Africa to the south, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East to East, and Spain and France to the west. This makes Italy strategically well-positioned in the Mediterranean basin and was part of the reason Rome could build such an extensive empire from their base in the city of Rome.

Map of the Mediterranean showing position of Italy
Map of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe showing the position of Italy. © Daniel Wrightson

How large is Italy?

For our US visitors, Italy is about the same size as the state of Arizona. If you're from the UK, Italy is actually around 20% larger than the UK. It's also a fith of the size of Iran, and a third of the size of Egypt, and eleven times smaller than India.

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How to Fly to Italy

Today Rome is still the capital of Italy, and, together with Milan, has one of the two main intercontinental airports. To find out more about where to fly to to visit italy, have a look at our 'Map of Airports in Italy'.

Italy has two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia. Sicily has an active volcano, Etna, and the main airports are Catania and Palermo, while the main airport for Sardinia is Cagliari.

How far away is Italy?

Distances to Rome from different cities around the world

Rome to km miles flight time
London 1435 900 2h 35m
Paris 1105 690 2h 10m
New Delhi 6000 3680 9h
New York 6900 4275 8h 25m
Los Angeles 10,200 6350 11h 50m
Rio de Janeiro 9200 5725 12h 15m
Cape Town 8500 5300 14h
Copenhagen 1550 950 2h 35m
Dublin 1900 1200 3h
Hong Kong 9300 5800 16h 20m
Mumbai 6200 3900 11h 25m
Houston 9200 5700 12h 36m
Toronto 7100 4500 8h 50m

Political map of Italy

Italy is divided into 20 regions, each of which has a regional capital. Each region is then further divided into provinces, each of which also has a provincial capital.

Regions of Italy Map
Map of the regions of Italy