Our Top Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants in Tuscany, Italy

Italians have always had a penchant for meat and cheese. It is clear to see when you step into an Italian kitchen or restaurant in Italy. Happily for non-meat and dairy eaters, there is a now growing number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants opening up in Italy, particularly in Tuscany, as well as many restaurants now offering vegetarian options.

The farmers and winemakers of Tuscany have long been at the forefront of organic farming. The new vegetarian and vegan places to eat often feature produce sourced from local organic farms, making them very green. They can also now offer some of the new vegan wines that Tuscan producers have been making.

So here is our growing list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Tuscany. Some are 100% vegan, others are mixed, with vegan options, making them good for groups where not everybody is purely vegan.

Vegan near Siena

Biovita Ristorante

Address: Strada Massetana Romana, 54, Siena, Province of Siena, Italy

A simple restaurant on the outskirts of Siena. I have eaten here, very good!

Read the reviews on Trip Advisor: Biovita.

Ristorante Osteria Ciriera

Address: Piazza Garibaldi 23, Trequanda, Tuscany, Italy

A wonderful little find, this vegan restaurant is hidden in the heart of the medieval village of Trequanda, south of Siena. We ate here in June 2019 and it was a delight from beginning to end. The church above is the view from the outside tables which dates from the early 14th century.

Phone: +390577662054

The Church in Trequanda
The chequered church of Trequanda

Vegetarian in Siena

L'orto e un Quarto

Address: Strada di Montalbuccio, 118, Siena, Province of Siena, Italy

L'orto e un Quarto. Not purely Vegan so a good place for mixed groups. They have Vegan, Vegetarian and conventional menu items.

Phone: +39 0577 236223

Vegan in Lucca


Address: Via del Brennero 10, Borgo Giannotti, Lucca, Italy

This is a small place 5 minutes walk north of the ancient walls of the city of Lucca with some outdoor seating. They've gone for vegan options on focaccia and pizza and by all accounts they're very successful - sadly I can't test them as I'm gluten intolerant but they still made my mouth water!

Phone: +39-0583391159


Address: Piazza XX Settembre 9, Lucca, Italy

Vegan ice cream! That's the main pull for my wife but they also make burgers, lasagna, gnocchi, vegan cheese boards and more. Reservations recommended as it's popular.

Phone: +39-3280032843

Vegan in Florence

Santo Falafel

Address: Via dei Cerchi 28R, Florence, Italy

A traditional Middle Eastern falafel joint but all vegan. Excellent Babaganoush by all accounts, as well as Hummus, Soups and salads. Right in the centre of Florence so convenient if you're struggling to find vegan options while visiting the art masterpieces of the Uffizi - it's a 3 minute walk at most!

Phone: +39-3478740278

There is a second one of these in Via Sant'Agostino 28r, Florence, on the fashionable oltrarno side of Florence.

Tripperia Vegana

Address: From a balcony on the first floor, Viale Alessandro Guidoni 85, Florence, Italy, 50127

This is an unusual but fabulous place run by the charismatic Chef Tano. He makes vegan versions of the famous local sandwiches with tripe or pork, but re-created with completely Vegan ingredients. The originals are delicious (if you're a meat-eater) and these versions looks absolutely mouth-watering.

You can order via his website SeiTanOtto then go to pick the food up from his address - it will be lowered down to you from his first floor balcony!

Vegetarian in Florence

OV Osteria Vegetariana

Address: Piazza del Carmine 4/R, Florence, Italy

Perfect for me, this is gluten-free as well as vegetarian, though it is apparently not quite fully vegan. They make vegetarian versions of traditional Florentine cuisine plus some crossover/fusion recipes that look delicious.

Phone: +39-0552052388

Vegan in Pisa

Vegan come Koala

Address: Via l'arancio 21, Pisa, Italy

Fast food vegan joint with burgers, crepes, hot dogs, half way between the railway station and the Tower of Pisa, perfect for a half-way stop.

Phone: +39-3298565338

Vegetarian in Volterra

2. Life Bistrot

Address: Via Porta all'Arco n.11/19; 56048 Volterra

This is an interesting concept, you pay for your food by weight - serve yourself from the buffet and have it weighed. Is it fully vegan or just vegetarian? I don't know.

Here is vegan blog post about it Vegan-Food-Experience-at-The-Life-Bistrot.

Vegan food in Trequanda
A dish from the Vegan restaurant in Trequanda, south of Siena