Montestigliano Wine with Dan Wrightson illustration

It started 40 years ago

Approximately 40 years we first started working with Montestigliano, promoting their beautiful villas and apartments on the old farming estate; since then I've been lucky enough to visit Montestigliano countless times.

The sketch 23 years ago

For the first 30 years of Invitation to Tuscany we produced a yearly brochure of all our rental villas, illustrated with my ink and watercolour sketches, including a number of Montestigliano. In 1999 I painted this aerial sketch of the hill-top estate to help explain where all the houses were - this was pre-drones so I used my imagination : )

Aerial Montestigliano
Aerial Sketch of Montestigliano

Finally the wine today

Now, in the latest chapter, Massimo has chosen to use the aerial sketch to illustrate the labels for their wonderful wines, red, white and rose. I was delighted to be asked and think they look very good.

Montestigliano wine
Rosso, Bianco e Rose, i tre vini di Montestigliano

How to try the wine

At the moment, the only way to try the Montestigliano wines is to stay in one of their villas, so why not book a stay today?

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Detail of the new label for Montestigliano wines