Getting married in Italy is romantic.

Getting married in a beautiful Villa in Tuscany is doubly so.

You need the right venue, a great organiser, beds for guests, excellent food and wine and a spot of evening dancing. With that in mind these are our top 5 villas for weddings in Tuscany for 2021:

PS - if you'd like advice on which documents you might need to get married in Italy, read this: How to get married in Tuscany

1. Villa Rosetta

Gardens of Villa rosetta A renaissance villa, a michelin starred chef, formal Rose gardens and a private chapel - Villa Rosetta is a perfect choice for a Tuscan wedding. The villa has been in the same family for over 400 years and is full of beautiful historic pieces. The rooms are fabulous, from the elegant ballroom that still has the original wax cylinder music player to the bedrooms in the medieval tower, with walls over 9 feet thick. There are beds for 20 in the villa itself and plenty more in the villas on the surrounding estate. Between Florence and Bologna.

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2. Pipistrelli

Pool at Pipistrelli

This classic Tuscan farmhouse has had a wonderful conversion into a luxury Villa by a New York interior designer. Today it's a popular choice for weddings, close to Siena and with an extra 50 beds and more available on the nearby estate of Montestigliano. Catering, organisation, help are all provided in-house by the excellent concierge.

Pipistrelli for 14

3. Eremo

Aerial view of Eremo

This beautiful villa was once a convent and has been painstakingly restored by its Canadian owner, who lived in the house to follow the work for over 5 years. Today it's an elegant home for 18 and the perfect venue for a private wedding. With excellent catering and beautiful outdoor spots for photographs (and carousing) Eremo is a very special place.

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4. Convento


Another ex-convent, Convento is set in the hills north of Florence, where the Medici family used to love to escape the heat of the city, and where Leonardo da Vinci's grandparents lived;he spent a lot of time with them and, looking out from Convento's large terrace today, you will recognise many of the hilly profiles, dotted with cypresses, from Leonardo's paintings.

The Villa has been carefully converted with luxury in mind - all bedrooms are ensuite and the building is entirely air-conditioned. The on-site concierge is a great help in organising all the details of any ceremony, and the estate has extra villas should your guest list grow.


5. Villa Donati - Montestigliano

Dancing at Montestigliano

Montestigliano is a beautiful old farming estate close to Siena - I mentioned it above in relation to Pipistrelli. It also has a Villa in the heart of the hamlet, Villa Donati, which is excellent for weddings, with 65 beds surrounding it, and a central square in the hamlet for the always necessary dining, dancing and carousing!

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So there we are - for more Wedding Villas have a look at our main selection here: Wedding Villas - look here for advice on how to get married in Italy and, if you're looking for honeymoon spots this page is a good place to start: Best Romantic honeymoon Villas.

And lastly, in case anybody is wondering, Italy and Tuscany are very LGBTQ+ friendly - we've had lots of ceremonies and events for same-sex couples in the villas above and others! : )

Wedding in Eremo Outdoor wedding ceremony in Eremo.