Where is the Chianti wine region?

Chianti is a famous wine-producing region in Tuscany, Italy, largely in a region of hills between Siena and Florence. It has been recognised as an important area for wine since the 14th century, and in the early eighteenth-century the Tuscan Grand Duke Cosimo III de Medici protected the area and the method, in an act believed to be the first legislation governing wine production.

In 1932 the areas considered to be Chianti expanded, straying beyond the original few hills into other areas of Tuscany, but all with similar terrains and conditions and still with the same constraints of grapes and method.

Map of Chianti areas

A map of the different subsections of Chianti today
Key Area
1 Original area of Chianti protected from 1716 to 1932
2 Chianti Classico (includes "1")
3 Colli Fiorentini
4 Colli Senesi
5 Colli Aretini
6 Rúfina
7 Montalbano
8 Colline Pisane
9 Montespertoli

Wine Tasting in Chianti, Italy

With so many wine producers in the area, there are plenty of opportunities to visit wineries, see their cellars and taste the wine, often accompanied by some delicious Tuscan cheese, ham, olives and more. The cost and experience can vary, from simple family cellars to elegant and complex wine estates like those of Antinori, Ama, Brolio and more. Have a look here for a selection of estates to visit:

Best wine tasting in Chianti Classico 2024

Best wine tastings in Chianti, Italy, 2024

History of Chianti Wine

For more information on the history of Chianti wine and how the Black Cockerel became the symbol of this famous wine, have a look at these two pages:

What is Chianti Wine

Why is the Black Rooster a symbol of Chianti?

Where to stay in Chianti, Italy

We have a selection of beautiful villas to rent in Chianti - for example beautiful Borgo Castello set between Radda and Gaiole in Chianti, close to the Fattoria di Ama estate and within easy reach of all the delights of this Tuscan region:

An aerial sketch of Borgo Castello, surrounded by cypress trees and with vineyards and forests stretching away around it.