Local festivals in the many hill-towns that surround Arezzo

Tovaglia a Quadri in Anghiari

The “Tovaglia a Quadri” is an amazing play in 4 courses staged in Piazza del Poggiolino of Anghiari in the two weeks around mid-August.

Every year the inhabitants of Anghiari put on stage the traditions of their Tuscan town. With jokes in dialect, revived traditions and memories of time gone by, the square of Poggiolino comes alive around its inhabitants, immersing dining tourists into a theatrical reality. The talented and spontaneous actors improvise dialogue with the public, stepping effortlessly over the boundary between reality and fiction.

Palio della Balestra in Sansepolcro

This crossbow competition has been held since the mid 15th C. and sees Sansepolcro in competition with the crossbowmen of the Umbrian town of Gubbio.

Even Piero della Francesca took up the bow to show loyalty to his home town. The event, the finale of a series of cultural events in honor of Sant'Egidio, patron of the city, commemorates centuries-old competitions held in order to maintain a well-trained military reserve once essential for the defense of the city.

Maggiolata Lucignanese in Lucignano

For the past 80 years this joyous festival celebrates Spring with music, dance and floral floats representing competing town districts.

The celebration revels in the passing of winter and its hopes of a fruitful harvest to come. Beginning with a costumed parade, featuring folk dancing, popular bands from all over Italy and most importantly, four floats decorated with thousands of flowers.

Each float represents a district of the town and one will be judged the best for the year. That judgment aside, district residents erupt in an enthusiastic 'Battle of the Flowers' in which their armaments are the very flowers that made up their float. All in good fun and always accompanied by evenings of food and music.