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Sleeps: 10

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The light of late summer brings out Nature's colours and the stones of this sturdy farmhouse.

Sleeps: 8

A house in a glade that has been standing for centuries, Cerreto is surrounded in a loose embrace of holm oak, pines, cork trees and corbezzolo, yet is positioned to enjoy views of the valley below and the many horizons that lead to Mt. Amiata. An excellent place for family reunions and visitors of all ages, Cerreto abounds in places of quiet retreat and joyous get-togethers.

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The villa sits high, overlooking the wide Valley of the Era river, a view also enjoyed from the pool.

Sleeps: 8

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What a perfect place for a swim with the house's wonderful views over the Val d'Orcia parklands a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as Monte Amiata.

Sleeps: 8

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The entrancing sea view from Tramonto's sunny balcony.

Sleeps: 2 to 4

7 nights from £720.00 / €900.00 / $1098.00 View property Check availability
A clever conversion has transformed a Treggiaia barn into a lovely holiday home with a pool at its doorstep.

Sleeps: 4

Midway between Florence and Arezzo, this converted hay barn makes a charming holiday spot for a couple or small family. With a pool and tennis court within steps of the front door and a lively town only 4 km away, this strikes the perfect balance between relaxed country living and easy access to shops and the medieval cities one has dreamt about.

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Simple, yet delicious, ingredients add to whatever will be brought to the table from Dimora's nearby kitchen.

Sleeps: 8

7 nights from £1755.00 / €2193.00 / $2676.00 View property Check availability
Flower-bordered steps lead down to the large farmhouse whose upper floor contains the spacious accommodation.

Sleeps: 4 to 6 (Multiple properties at this location)

Along a windowed loggia with countryside views, this first-floor accommodation of generous proportions makes an excellent base for a family or friends to discover the pleasures of rural Tuscan living. Whether they gather in the spacious country kitchen, meet around the pool, or learn to bake bread and fashion pizza with the owner, ease and relaxation is the order of the day. Located near a charming hill village and a comfortable drive to historic medieval cities or the coast, Fornaia is authentic Tuscany.

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Biscotto's good mattresses on beds both large and small ensure a good nights sleep and easy waking to the peace of the countryside.

Sleeps: 2 to 4 (Multiple properties at this location)

Ideal for a couple with a child or perhaps a friend who is happy with a sofa bed, Biscotto is a generous apartment with sweeping country views on a small organic farm. Celebrating the good food and easy life-style that comes with rural Tuscan living, this accommodation is in easy reach of a charming medieval village and a hot springs and spa, yet not far from historic hill towns and the Tuscan coastline.

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An attractive portico makes sheltered dining a pleasant affair, though there are tables outdoors for those who like a view.

Sleeps: 2 (Multiple properties at this location)

Pagnotta is a spacious apartment on a small organic farm belonging to the local baker. Perfect for a couple interested in enjoying a healthy relaxing holiday, it has a generous country kitchen, a large double bedroom with adjacent bathroom. With access to a pool set amongst the olives and a charming village on the horizon, it is positioned for country living while still handy to medieval Tuscan cities.

7 nights from £400.00 / €500.00 / $610.00 View property Check availability
The swimming pool, is a short stroll below the house, has an easy entry and varying depths to suit all swimmers or young paddlers.

Sleeps: 4 to 6 (Multiple properties at this location)

This small organic farm offers two spacious first-floor apartments, which can be taken individually or together. The home of a local bread maker, the estate provides couples or a small family the opportunity of experiencing Tuscan country hospitality at its best. With a swimming pool set in the olive grove, a wide portico for outdoor living, and a sweet Maremman hill village nearby, this is a place of easy relaxation.

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From Cantinetta's garden this is direct access to the walnut grove and lovely views up to the nearby monastery.

Sleeps: 2 to 4

This beautifully furnished apartment for two on the ground floor of a Liberty villa on the outskirts of Siena is a stylish retreat from hectic side of tourism. From the charming piazza outside its doors to its furnished gardens, Cantinetta makes a great base from which to venture and a relaxing spot in which to linger.

7 nights from £600.00 / €750.00 / $915.00 View property Check availability
The estate that sits hilltop overlooking Arezzo includes the owner's home and San Michele, a lovely rental property behind the church.

Sleeps: 8 to 10

With a layout ideal for friends holidaying together or for a family reunion, San Michele is a beautifully restored villa on a hilltop estate overlooking the medieval city of Arezzo. With a panoramic pool and jacuzzi and neighboring owners to cater dinners, cooking lessons or cellar tastings, this is a wonderful place to sample the best of Tuscan culture in restorative comfort.

7 nights from £2080.00 / €2600.00 / $3172.00 View property Check availability
A pool in the back garden is an added bonus to a house on the outskirts of a village.

Sleeps: 7 to 8

This family house, designed in homage of the modern architects of the 50s, is ideal for a family or a group of friends who would like the best of both worlds - a fenced garden and a pool of one's own, yet only a stroll away from the bar, restaurant and goings on of an authentic Tuscan village.

7 nights from £1520.00 / €1900.00 / $2318.00 View property Check availability
Guardiano, a house fashioned of the lower portion of an ancient watchtower, overlooks the Trove valley and the medieval village of Civitella in Val di Chiana on the opposite hill.

Sleeps: 5 to 6

In the restored base of an ancient watchtower that still enjoys panoramas that are quintessentially Tuscan, Guardiano is an excellent choice for a family or small group of friends wishing to explore life in the slower lane. With a medieval village its closest neighbour and the cultural wealth of Arezzo a short drive away, the house has a pool and several terraces from which to take life a bit easier.

7 nights from £1520.00 / €1900.00 / $2318.00 View property Check availability
Three shades of blue greet guests on a sunny day.

Sleeps: 8 to 10

A spacious family home with an air of celebration, Dipinta di Blu has all the elements for a delightful holiday: generous spaces in which to gather - the biggest of them all an incredible furnished portico - charming bedrooms in which to retreat and a large pool that mitigates the Tuscan sun. With a village 3 minutes away and the Mediterranean on the distant horizon, this is an easy place to be.

7 nights from £2629.00 / €3286.00 / $4010.00 View property Check availability
A view of Vecchio Marinaio that shows just how close the rosy-hued villa is to Lake Como

Sleeps: 12 to 14

In an amazing lakefront position, Vecchio Marinaio is a rose-hued villa for a large group with spacious furnished terraces overlooking Lake Como. A professional kitchen, a vast dining hall and a pool to use in all weathers are only some of the features of an excellent holiday venue. With restaurants in walking distance and a nearby ferry to deliver you to famed gardens and elegant villas, this is one that will weave memories.

7 nights from £6211.00 / €7763.00 / $9471.00 View property Check availability
Serra, christened for its lovely glass extension, is a family home that welcomes guests to its large gardena and fine lake views.

Sleeps: 6

Serra is a family home offering a large fenced garden and view of Lake Como, as well as spacious gathering places for savoring a lake holiday. With a furnished sun room an excellent venue for family meals and an above ground pool for children's excess energy, the outdoors will provide enjoyable activities while the attractive interiors ensure comfort.

7 nights from £2737.00 / €3421.00 / $4174.00 View property Check availability
Monte Bello, dressed in the bold colors of summer, has a lake view from its terrace.

Sleeps: 4

This charming cottage, once the home of the estate porter, makes a lovely retreat for a couple or family with young children. With a view of Lake Maggiore from its furnished balcony terrace and a pool all its own, it offers a relaxing interlude for a busy life. Shops and lakeside restaurants are little over 1 km, or a 15 minute walk, away and a ferry will bring you to the charming towns and gardens for which the lake is famous.

7 nights from £1105.00 / €1382.00 / $1686.00 View property Check availability
The pool in the garden can be seen from all of the large terraces at Villa Labiena

Sleeps: 10

Villa Labiena sits high on a hill overlooking Lake Maggiore, yet its extensive grounds extend to the water's edge. An excellent place for a family reunion or a holiday with friends, the property offers spacious accommodation, furnished terraces and a large pool - all with lake views. In walking distance to a lively lakeside village and a ferry away from charming towns and the gardens and elegant villas for which the lake is famous.

7 nights from £3737.00 / €4671.00 / $5699.00 View property Check availability