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You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

Added on July 25th 2017 — Art and Courses, Events, Food and Wine, Latest news, Things to do


Few people visit Italy without vowing to return. The love affair with Italian life begins with a magical ingredient – probably something in the pasta or ice cream?!

Tuscany is no different in its ability to impress and inspire those return journeys. However, the experience can be so much more intense due to the diversity of what the largest region in Italy has to offer.

Adding the month of September into this enchanting mix, brings an authenticity to your holiday, that you will remember for years to come.


Why Is September The Perfect Time to Visit Tuscany?

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

Having spent much of my life in Tuscany, I have had the pleasure of seeing the region throughout the year. Of course each month is different, but there is something special about September and here’s why:


What’s On In Tuscany During September?

There is so much to do all over Tuscany in September, but here are a few suggestions to whet your appetite.

Wine Festival in Greve

Every year over the second weekend in September, this 4 day event takes place in Greve, situated 45 minutes south of Florence. The triangular shaped main piazza in Greve, provides a wonderful location for this annual festival. You buy a wine glass and ticket which allows you to taste up to 8 of the wines available at the many stands in the square.

Pievescola Mushroom Festival

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

A festival dedicated to the wonderful porcini mushroom. When you experience an event that celebrates just one ingredient, the result is a decadent and intense feast of flavours.

Florence Festa della Rificolona ( Festival of Lanterns)

Rificolona are colourful, paper lanterns illuminated by candles on an 11km procession through the streets of Florence ending up in the Piazza Santissima Annunziata.

The festival is one of Florence’s oldest, which celebrates the Virgin Mary’s birthday. According to tradition, the peasants travelled to Florence to offer gifts. They had to leave their villages when it was still dark, so they used paper lanterns carried on long sticks to light the way.

Over time these lanterns have become more elaborate and unusual.

Sagra del Dolce

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

If you have a sweet tooth, then this festival is for you! Held in Montalcinello on the first weekend of September, this festival celebrates cakes and desserts of all kinds.

The programme includes evening meals in the square, where you can dance the night away to live music.

Antique Market in Lucca

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

On the third weekend of the month, over 250 stalls display their wares in charming Lucca. You can wander around the very stylish market selling everything from furniture to handmade lace. Only in Italy, can they replace the atmosphere of hustle and bustle with that of calm and elegance.

The Start of the Hunting Season

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

The season begins in September and the Tuscan region has great flavoured game. Whether you enjoy pheasant, boar or deer, there will be a delicious recipe for you to savour.

The rustic flavours of the game combine effortlessly with Italian flavourings and herbs.

Slow Travel Fest

This festival celebrates slow walking and cycling. As you would expect, it’s a very chilled out affair with time for food, drink, music and art.


Other Must-do Experiences to Add to Your Wishlist

Natural Spas

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

Although Tuscany is known for art and culture, it also has a lesser known reputation for health and wellness in the form of natural spas. The healing properties of subterranean water have been appreciated for many years.

If you need to some help to relax and wind down then there are several thermal spas to visit in the region.

Appreciation of Tuscan Wines

You Haven’t Seen Italy Until You’ve Seen a Tuscan September

You can’t visit Tuscany without tasting the wonderful wines and appreciating exactly what goes into their creation. The uniformity of the vine-covered rolling hills stitched together with winding roads, is a sight synonymous with Tuscany.

The most well known wines of Tuscany are Chianti, Vino Mobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino. However, you should view these as the beginning of your quest for knowledge.

Learn the Language

Italian is one of the most beautiful sounding languages – it’s happy yet passionate and probably the only language where two speakers having a row is a pleasure to listen to.

Why not learn to speak a little of the language? It can be fun and although you won’t be fluent by the end of your stay, you will certainly have learned a few phrases and gained more of an understanding of not just Italian, but the Italians themselves.

Olive Oil Tastings

The Tuscan’s are very proud of their olive oil and their tours and tastings rival those of the better known wine tastings. If you want to know your Frantoio from your Leccino or your Moraiolo from Pendolino, then an olive oil tour could be just what your tastebuds need.

To taste a great oil is like tasting a great wine – you will never forget it.


Do You Want to Visit Tuscany in September?

It’s not too late to book your Tuscan Experience for this September. But with so much choice, creating your Tuscan holiday can be quite daunting.

Don’t worry, we can help you make the right holiday decisions about where to stay, what to do and how to get here, so you really get the most from your visit.

If you’re not quite ready to have a conversation about booking your trip, sign up to our free email course, to learn everything you need to know about planning your Tuscan adventure.

Please accept our Invitation to Tuscany.