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Cooking Classes

20 Italian Food Ideas & Experiences You Can’t Miss in Tuscany

Added on December 19th 2016 — Cooking Classes, Food and Wine, Latest news, Restaurants, Things to do

20 Italian Food Ideas & Experiences You Can't Miss in Tuscany

There are hundreds of good reasons to visit Tuscany—but fabulous food has to be near the top of the list… After all, what’s more fabulous than sipping Brunello with a crusty loaf of bread and some olio nuovo as the sun sets over the terrace of your 19th century villa? Or enjoying fresh capellini with … Read more »

Learn the art of Tuscan cooking

Added on February 4th 2015 — Cooking Classes, Florence and Arezzo, Food and Wine, Things to do

Learn the art of Tuscan cooking

Part of a trip to Tuscany is sampling the local cuisine – relaxing in a local restaurant and enjoying traditional dishes. For many people this is one of the finest parts of a trip to the region and keeps people coming back to our Tuscan villas year after year. That’s because Tuscan dishes embody all … Read more »

Cooking Classes in Lucca

Added on July 10th 2013 — Areas, Cooking Classes, Food and Wine, Lucca and Pisa

If you really wish to make your holiday a memorable experience, learn the basics that allow you to prepare a true Tuscan meal once you’ve returned home. Classes are for everyone: beginners, children, and professionals and they are hands-on, fun and educational. We discuss ingredients, techniques, culture and the culinary arts in general. A typical … Read more »