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Churches and Castles

Churches, Castles and great places to visit in and around Tuscany

History and Pasta-making round Calci and Lari

Added on March 27th 2012 — Central Tuscany, Churches and Castles, Food and Wine, Restaurants

History and Pasta-making round Calci and Lari

Discovering a breathtaking area around Pisa, between history, culture and gastronomy. We will walk through ancients paths of monks and soldiers and we will learn the modern touch of the ancient culinary tradition of italian pasta In the morning we will go towards the so called Valle Graziosa, a plain overlooked by the Monti Pisani, … Read more »

Visit the Stately houses of Lucca

Added on January 21st 2012 — Churches and Castles, Lucca and Pisa

In the hills outside Lucca many villas, such as Villa Mansi, Villa Torrigiani and Villa Reale, are now open to the public. They have magnificent gardens, rococo facades and famous guest lists from an era when visitors like Paganini, John Singer Sargent and Metternich were richly received. The following website has a great map to … Read more »

The castle in the forest

Added on January 20th 2012 — Central Tuscany, Churches and Castles

La Rocca di Sillano is an ancient fortified castle in the wild and forested hills of Berignone. This mighty fortress on a hill overlooking an area including Siena, Pisa and Grosseto once controlled the valley of the Cecina river. After years of renovation it is now open for visitors intrigued by the area’s defensive past … Read more »