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Essentials for your holiday

Travel advice, Car Hire, Advice on flights and Travel insurance, we’ve gathered together everything we think you might find useful.

Car hire

Our properties are mostly in positions that make a car essential. After many years’ experience of the ability of various car models to cope with the sometimes rough tracks, and the different abilities of front wheel drive cars versus rear wheel drive, and even tests with four wheel drive vehicles, we have come to the conclusion that the type of car that travels fastest and best on rough roads is – a hired car! Car hire and rates


There are now a number of operators flying to Tuscany, and other airports in Italy close to our properties. The main airport in Tuscany is Pisa, with flights from various UK locations. Some of them are only run during the summer months, so availability may depend on when you are flying. Booking early is always useful and allows you to find the cheapest rates, though some companies, like ryanair, only let you book a limited time ahead. Half term holidays and other festivities are always more expensive. Have a look a this page for tips and links Flight tips

We do not organise Travel insurance but we highly recommend that you take it out. Many of you may have it as part of your credit card ageement, or of your house insurance, but it is worth checking.